December 1974

The Scottish Clubman reports: "At the AGM of the SVVF, the 13 clubs that attended passed a vote of confidence in the activities of the first year."

February 1975

The Scottish Clubman reports: "1975 Scottish Vintage Calendar - SVVF Approved. It is hoped that members of SVVF Register clubs will give support to the events listed in this, the official Calendar."

March 1975

The SVVF Register topped the 600 Mark.

November 1976

After much discussion a Constitution was approved at the AGM. The subscription was increased from £1 to £2.

February 1999

25 Years later, Federation membership stands around 100, the 'Yearbook' lists over 120 events, the Register contains 6000 names and the subcription is £20. The SVVF looks forward to next 25 years with confidence and enthusiasm.

December 2000

A year on with the subscription raised to £25 and a similar number of Member Bodies, the Federation is well placed to carry on our work in the 21st Century.