The idea for an 'Association' of vintage clubs was first proposed by Tom Sked in an article in 'Scottish Clubman' magazine in August 1965. He was concerned that events were often planned without taking into consideration other events taking place on the same day. He wanted organisers to get together to avoid 'clashing'. The first Events Calendar under the auspices of the SVVF, was published in the 'Scottish Clubman' in December 1973. The Scottish Clubman was a monthly magazine run by a Committee of enthusiasts of all aspects of motoring and motor sport. It was published from 1949 to 1980 and was the channel through which Tom Sked was able to promote his idea of an association. The following chronicle was taken from the pages of the Scottish Clubman and published in the SVVF Yearbook 1999.

The Scottish Clubman Reports:

"The first definite move to compile a calendar of events concerning veteran, vintage and post vintage vehicles is being made by Tom A Sked one of the principal founders of the Veteran Vintage Register section of the Garioch Motor Club. He is also keen to form a Register of these types of vehicle north of the border."

May 1968 14 Scottish Events Tom Sked writes:

"As you will see here, with the co-operation of those concerned, I have been able to compile a reasonably full Calendar for the coming season. I am pleased to note that almost all organisers have seen fit to include a post-vintage section although I feel that, in the first instance, it would have been sufficient to accept vehicles up to Dec l934 or Dec 1935. I can foresee in the future that participation in vintage vehicle rallies may be restricted to members of recognised clubs. This in turn would help allay fears that beset organisers that many vehicles entered may turn out to be in poor condition. The only club not to have accepted post-vintage has given as its reason that it would lower the standard of the event. Perhaps in the first year or two this would be the case but once post-vintage vehicles are freely accepted in rallies the standard can only improve as it has done in the vintage section in recent years."

October 1968 The Scottish Clubman reports:

The SVVF Yearbook lists over a hundred vintage and classic vehicle events taking place in the season. To see an event or buy a yearbook click on the links above or below.

November 1968 The Scottish Clubman reports:

"At the first meeting of Scottish vintage event organisers, in the County Hotel, Forfar on October 27, nine organisations were represented under the chairmanship of Mr Wm Duff, President of the host club, the Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club. A non-clash programme of events was mapped out for season 1969. The meeting came out wholeheartedly against the use of trade plates at events. Altogether it was a very satisfactory meeting with greater concord than was thought possible."

December 1968 Calendar Published Tom Sked writes:

"Although there are still clashing dates, the events affected attract a specialised following, who would not be likely to take an interest in the opposition's event. Also decided at Forfar was the formation of a mailing list to be compiled by ourselves at Scottish Clubman. There was also talk of a big National Scottish Veteran and Vintage Rally with all clubs contributing to its organisation.
"These suggestions demonstrate how radically the views of rally organisers have changed of late. When I first mentioned holding a meeting of rally organisers in August 1965 it was thought unnecessary and the idea was dropped. Much still remains to be done to bring clubs closer together than at present and I feel that some sort of Scottish Vintage Clubs Association would be essential to co-ordinate the organisation of national and international events."