May 1969 The first Scottish Register was published by the Scottish Clubman containing approximately 160 names and addresses of rally entrants and club members and the vehicles they owned.

December 1969

Seven rally organisers attended the second conference to discuss events. It was agreed to produce the Register again.

February 1970

The Scottish Clubman reports: "No register will be produced owing to the expense and a lack of response from clubs."

December 1970 - Club Conference - Perth.

Tom Sked writes: "Clashing dates are now commonplace. Has Scotland reached saturation point? Is the average enthusiast willing to attend every weekend from the end of May to the end of September? Are we now ready for a national championship? Is it time that an Association of Scottish Vintage Clubs was formed? Please let us have your views."

November 1970

Twelve clubs attended the dates meeting. The possibility of a federation was discussed but rejected.

April 1971

Tom Sked writes: "If all and sundry are going to change their dates at will there seems little point in having a conference at all. All was not well. Clubs would agree dates in November then change them in the Spring; and the register was abandoned due to apathy and the postal strike."

December 1971

Only 6 clubs out of 20 attended the conference. The proposed Association was turned down again by those feared another R.A.C. or A.C.U.

October 1972

Tom Sked argued in the Scottish Clubman against a proposal to drop the dates conference and warned of utter chaos. No conference was held.

February 1973

Despite the absence of an events conference, a "provisional" list of 19 events was published and the hope was again expressed to reintroduce the register.

November 1973

At a meeting in Perth the SVVF was founded.

June 1974

Tom Sked writes: "While several bodies have given excellent support we have received little or nothing from others."

November 1974

Tom Sked writes: "While the SVVF may have fallen short of its objectives so far, the foundations have been laid. Despite what some people may think the SVVF is not Tom Sked. It is your organisation - make it work!"